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eLink provides end-to-end website marketing services, and can be contracted for selected website optimization and internet marketing services. Each website faces unique challenges and opportunities in regard to online marketing and strategy. Internet marketing should not be a "one size fits all" program. Instead, we'll identify and deliver the best solution to meet your goals, timeline, and budget.

We offer specialized online marketing services that include:

Competitive Analysis
  We work quickly to understand your competitive space in order to create the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. What directory categories are your competitors in? What keywords do they think are important? What are they bidding for in Google? Who's linking to them? These are just a few of the questions we consider when we construct the SEO strategies to serve you best.
Website Analysis and Implementation
"Search Engine Friendly" Website Suggestions

Keyphrase Research Services
Keywords drive search engine listings. Keywords are nothing more than the plain-language words and phrases that Internet users type into a search engine when they are looking for products, suppliers or information. Generally speaking, the more keywords your website contains, the wider your search engine reach, and the higher your list positioning.

Copywriting for Search Engines
Can the search engines tell that your web pages are important resources for your keywords and, if not, how can this be remedied? How can you best bring your pages to the forefront of searches? How do you handle dynamically-generated sites? We have proven experience in making all types of sites search engine friendly.

Link Popularity

Achieving link popularity has to be coupled with link relevance and link importance in order to be effective. eLink provides this support in all three areas.

What is link popularity and why do I need it? A site's "link popularity" refers to its number of incoming links - in other words the number of links to it from other websites. You need it because search engines measure it (and the quality of the links) and use that info when ranking sites. Without it your site probably won't rank well. Link popularity is crucial. More and more search engines measure link popularity when determining how relevant your site is for a certain search. The thinking is that, if many sites link to yours, you probably have a good site with lots of useful information.

Spam Free Submissions

Just submitting to Yahoo, LookSmart, and the Open Directory Project isn't enough. eLink provides an analysis of current listings and recommendations for future submissions to expand each client's exposure in these important search portals.

Paid Search Engine Inclusion Services
Directory Submission Services

Monthly Monitoring and Ranking Reports
  Our eStrategy rankings report sets the stage - and the expectations. We closely monitor the progress of each SEO campaign, revising strategies when changes in the search engines require to keep performance optimum.
Internet Marketing (CRM and user analysis)
  Our customer relationship management service helps to streamline customer service, support sales staff and aid companies in finding new customers and managing current ones.
Internet Marketing (CRM and user analysis)
E-mail and loyalty programs

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